Wig Therapy

So maybe I feel like Britney Spears. Right before her breakdown. OK, fine. But I still really, really dig this wig I've got on. It's a short black bob. My other new one is long, blondish brown, from the Black is Beautiful collection. It is awesome.

Trying to break out of a bad and sluggish mood, I went downtown today to check out Bodega, raved about in the Times last Sunday for its "high-end streetwear," and yeah, it was cool. Lots of $112 sweatshirts with carefully choreographed graffiti. Cute baseball hats. I seriously looked at a $40 girly T-shirt emblazoned with knives and guns and hypodermic needles. They were so artfully arranged. But it was all just so serious.

I skipped next door to Dorothy's Boutique, which I just discovered yesterday. A handmade sign in the window advertises $8 sunglasses next to the catchy slogan "Don't let the sun catch you crying." I read that and I thought, "I'm buying my sunglasses HERE." A cute gay boy helped me find the perfect ones. I noticed the back wall had an awful lot of wigs. Then I ran out to save the car from the meter police.

Today I set aside more time, connected with yet another salesperson (I really think she and I could be good friends---is that just the sign of an amazing saleswoman?) and got opinions from everyone in the store. I tried on everything and gawked at the sparkly fake eyelashes and fake rubber breasts. I'm going to go back next month and look at the shoes and the body glitter. I can't help it. It's so fun there. I couldn't stop smiling the whole way home. And I am of course in a wig right now.

So what's up with me? I don't know. I don't think it's a Britney-like breakdown. I bought a book last week called "What You Wear Can Change Your Life," and it had a dramatic effect on our closets, which are now completely overhauled and rearranged, and my wardrobe. On Sunday I packed up 3 garbage bags for Goodwill and spent $100 at the Container Store, getting organized. This weekend a friend is going shopping with me in an effort to teach me all she knows about buying the right clothing for your body.

And it's not just the book. I took on new responsibilities at my job, and in addition, I'm getting hired as a fitness instructor tomorrow at my gym; in my opinion, the best--and most demanding---health club in town. So things are changing a little. I'm changing a little. Every day is a little different.

But today will always be the day I went downtown and bought all the wigs.