Champagne and New Maps

I know I'm a little late on this, but this website is amazing. Yeah, yeah, election websites are old news, but this redefines the red state/blue state dichotomy in an interesting and sometimes beautiful way. If you haven't seen these new maps yet, you really should take a look.

The novel finishes today! 50,000 words in three weeks, and what a soap opera it is. Embezzlement, affairs, infanticide, reality TV. Yesterday I was talking to my dad, and he asked why I would call it a bad novel. I told him about the scene where three characters are all agreeing with each other, and they all sound a little like me. Or perhaps the character who suddenly appears, makes a huge scene, and then leaves. We never hear from her again nor do any of the other characters mention her. Why? Because I forgot.

But then, that's precisely what's so freeing. You have a month! You are free to write anything you want! I silenced my legions of inner critics and editors and wrote a bad novel of my very own. Hooray!

And next week I'll be off hiatus and back on the blogosphere. It's about time! All this silence is killing me.


I didn't say no updates, I said no--oh, never mind

NaNoWriMo: I'm at 36,066 words as of this morning, and it's amazing how writing the novel has changed now. After 30,000 words, the entire experience turned on its heels. It's like a bittersweet swan song now, in which the end is in sight, the plot is done twisting, and all ends must quickly trot to an impending conclusion. I already miss this project.

File under great things, newly discovered: Bakehouse Meringue cookies in Dulce de Leche. That's a whole lot of delicious in a mere 6 calories!

Swing dancing: Last night one of our fellow dance students was walking out the door, and she actually turned and thanked my husband. When I asked why that woman was thanking him, he explained that he taught her how to do a Lindy turn. Once I stopped dancing with all the other men in class (a requirement), I too got a taste of his masterful leading. That's my man! Light toes and a strong leading arm. It is so fun.

Home-hunting: We're on a short list of interested buyers for a loft complex in Cambridge near Fresh Pond. We have plenty of doubts about buying a loft, and we'll probably hold out until we can get something with a yard, but just in case it's awesome we're checking out the in-house demo model in January. I fantasize about loft space anyway, quite frequently.

Boston Wireless Advocacy Group: Caught their second meeting. It wasn't quite as invigorating as the first, but thank god somebonnie & j. came! They made it better, plus I got to see Scooby before, well, before the end. (Scooby is a car.) It's kind of an insular group, which is discouraging. I think I need to be more proactive about Boston WAG.

Pictures from the Palm:
A visitor from last weekend's big storm popped up in Boston Common:


Yahoo Winter!

Is it rain? Is it snow? Is it rain? Is it snow? Let it be snow! Let it be snow! Let it be snow!


It's recommending, and I'm not on a recommending hiatus

We saw The Incredibles last night and it was so good. I just loved it. Everyone should see it. It's tough because movies I have truly loved in the last 18 months or so are: Big Fish, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and The Incredibles. D. and I both love movies like that--a good sense of relationships with all this beauty and art. But, alas, not everyone agrees. Anyway, if you don't believe me, believe NPR for once, who called The Incredibles "brilliant, beautiful and moving." It's true! I ended up leaving the theater going, "That mom...she is so...so loving!" That could be you!


I didn't say no linking, just no posting

Responding to Elly's sad comment (in the post below) made me feel like a blogger again. I'm not, of course, I'm on hiatus until December 1st, but I thought I might take this opportunity to relay two crucial sites that every person should know about. Yes, that's right, the nutritional content of everything at Starbucks. I've been trying to write, lately, and I end up there by default. I'm there, I'm on the dang diet, Kerry lost and all I want to do is eat, and I'm at a loss. That's when the beverage chart and food chart comes in handy. And sometimes it can make you do good things, like get a grande nonfat cappucino for only 100 calories or have half a doughnut for only 90. Most of the time it shakes me into reality. Starbucks is sooooo fattening.


I said a blogging hiatus, not a tallying hiatus

35: Number of Kerry-leaning Floridians I called today in St. Petersburg and Kenneth City, urging them to go out and vote
1,450: Calories burned today in two hours of cardio
4,227: Number of words written to date on Nanowrimo project
2,100: Number of words written today on project
1: Number of ballots cast today in the presidential election


I said a hiatus from writing, not from posting pictures from my Palm!